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Female student working on large scale art project - Private Special Education School, Bloomfield, NJ

Stimulating student growth, confidence and achievement beyond the classroom

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

We understand that learning and student development are not only achieved in a classroom.  Westbridge Academy offers a variety of activities and events to stimulate students’ curiosity and expand their knowledge about the world.  This is why we provide throughout the school year a range of enrichment opportunities that strengthen student capabilities and confidence, while reinforcing academic learning.

These programs include:

  • International Day, in which students are encouraged to participate in a lively program filled with music, food and culture.
  • Annual Talent Show, where students can express themselves through music, drama, dance or the visual arts.
  • Enterprise Day, where students learn about and participate in running a business.

Teacher and student working at potters wheel - Special Education, Bloomfield NJIn addition, the school provides such fun extracurricular programs as a typing contest, cooking programs (including the production of a cookbook), a variety of game tournaments and other social and team-building events.